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The Warren report
Bell Ringers
Exit Exam Review
The My Lai Massacre
1960's Protest Songs
Text Book on-line
Chapter Preview
Trivia/Extra Credit
70's Television
State Standards
Issues of the 1960's
Issues of the 1970's
Issues of the 1980's
Issues of the 1990's
America Today

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.
Theodore Roosevelt

Tuesday August 15
Day one of first semester. All students redeived class syllabus, chapter 22 preview and textbook.No assignment due for Thursday.
Thursday August 17
Monday August 21
Chapter 22-1 activities due and graded in class. 22-1 AP Quiz/pre,Bell Ringer #1, lesson, Kennedy's domestic programs. If absent, see me for flow chart. 22-1 AP Quiz/post. Began video lesson, The 1960's. For Wednesday, read primary source The Warren Report and the assasination of JFK.
Wednesday August 23

Bell Ringer #2.  AP Quiz/pre (Warren Report and JFK). Primary source reading & discussion, AP Quiz/post (Warren Report and JFK. Video lesson Who Killed JFK? (Nova series)

Friday August 25
Computer lab to begin web site project. All student received project guidelines and choices of free web hosting to use. No assignment due for Tuesday.
Tuesday August 29
Worked on web site projects in lab. Projects are due February 21.
Thursday August 31
In class watched, discussed and took note on video, The 1960's. No written assignment for Monday.
Monday September 4
Begin section 2 of chapter 22. 22-2 AP Quiz)pre), Complete preview 22-2's. Bell Ringer and in class lesson (flow charts).
Tuesday September 5
22-2 homework check, 22-2 AP Quiz pre & post, lesson (the Warren Court and it's decisions), 1960's video 25 minutes. For Friday 22-3's plus flow chart (Kennedy's foreign policy).