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Exit Exam Review

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Exit Exam Review
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Exit Exam Review Guide


Topics in American History



The following concepts will be used as multiple choice questions


The intent of the immigration act of 1965

Why American soldiers were confused in Vietnam

What did the Moral Majority want to restore

Issues that divided America during Presidential election of 1968

Reagan’s supply side economics

The Vietnam War – tropical infections and booby traps

How did President Kennedy try to encourage stability in Latin America?

President Johnson’s objective in Vietnam

Reagan’s goal towards Nicaragua

Describe the American economy in the 1960’s

The Warren Commissions decision concerning the Kennedy assassination


The focus of Supreme Court decisions under Earl Warren

Reagan and defense spending

William Calley

Woodstock festival

Why Kennedy had a weak domestic record

Who wanted the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency

The cause of student protests in the early 1970’s

Why the United States imposed economic sanctions on South Africa

Why the U.S. got involved in Vietnam

Task of the Peace Corps

What did NAFTA create

The effect that television had on the Vietnam War

What did the SALT I treaty prove

Why Kennedy asked for huge military spending increases

Reagan and de-regulation

The significance of the election of 1980

The baby boom

Why Clinton wanted to reform health care

Result of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Results of OPEC’s oil embargo in 1973

Kennedy- Nixon television debates of 1960

Why the consumer movement of the 1960’s developed

The breakup of Yugoslavia

What did President  Bush do to deal with recession in the early 1990’s

Parts of Johnson’s Great Society

Who did the women’s movement borrow legal tools from

Advantages the Viet Cong guerillas had over U.S. soldiers

Kent State Massacre

Relations with the Soviet Union during Reagan’s second term as President

The domino theory

What distinction did Sandra Day O’Connor have

Winner of the 1968 Presidential election

1994 Contract with America

the main issue in the debate over affirmative action

in 1961 Kennedy committed NASA to what

the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

results after the Vietnam war ended in 1975

why was the Great Society criticized


who did the United States invade in 1970

why some questioned the fairness of the draft during the Vietnam War

saturation bombing

why the Watergate break-in occurred

concepts of the New Frontier

why some went to Canada during the Vietnam War

what became of the Equal Rights Amendment – 1972

the hostage crisis in Iran

1960 election results

counterculture meant

what happened to the gap between rich and poor under Reagan

who were conscientious objectors


Asian Americans during the 1960’s and 1970’s

Nixon and détente

Foreign policy under Kennedy and Johnson

Outcomes of the Watergate scandal

Who was Ho Chi Minh

Why the Soviets built the Berlin Wall

The primary focus of the 1960’s protest movement

Nixon’s Southern Strategy

What did Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin do

What was the problem with the economy when Ford took office

Why Ford pardoned Nixon

Camp David Accords

Nixon and deficit spending

Carter’s dependence on religious faith

Who Nixon wiretapped

What did Nixon do to halt government spending


America’s mood during bicentennial

What happened when Ford asked for military aid in 1975

The role of Henry Kissinger under Nixon

Why Carter won the 1976 Presidential election

Why Nixon had the special prosecutor fired

Carter and women and minorities

Nixon’s staff was known for

The “plumbers”

The basic issue of the 1976 campaign

How Carter and his staff dealt with congress




The following events will be used in chronology questions


Clinton elected to second term

Nixon resigns

Kennedy assassinated

Kent State massacre

Reagan elected to first term







Exit Exam Wednesday January 11