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Run a hard copy of these 5 questions after cutting and pasting to a word document. use your book to find the correct answers. Bring the copy with you to the test and receive up to 5 bonus points.


1.  A basic anti-suffrage argument was that women would


      a. become too masculine.

      b. prevent prohibition.

      c. fail to exercise their voting rights.

      d. refuse to pay taxes.


2.   Some Americans resisted Progressive reforms because they disliked


      a. the capitalist system.

      b. Florence Kelley

      c. sweeping economic and political changes.

      d. government control over their lives.


3.   One goal that Progressives did not seek was


      a. a ban on strikes.

      b. child labor laws.

      c. the moral improvement of society.

      d. the reduction of government corruption.


4.   Municipal reformers aimed to


      a. solve rural problems.

      b. end government corruption.

      c. curb union power.

      d. increase immigrant rights.


5.   Roosevelt vigorously enforced


      a. the SHerman Antitrust Act.

      b. prohibition.

      c. the referendum process.

      d. Low's campaign against Tammany Hall.