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Words have wings - so speak good things." Anonymous

Build a web Site


Topics in American History






To construct a meaningful web site using content relevant to the decade of the 1960’s.

All students should learn valuable knowledge of certain events of this unique period of American history as a result of the completion of the project.


Tools Required to complete project


Internet (please advise me ASAP if you do not have internet access at home). (free web space).


Due date of the project


Tuesday February 21

On the above date all students will submit their web site address to Mr. Breske. Any addresses submitted after October 6 will be considered late. Special circumstances will be considered.


Project Guidelines


All students will build their site using

All sites will contain a home page and 5 additional pages.

Content areas of the 5 additional pages will be as follows;

            Presidents of the decade.

            Key domestic (in America)events.

            Sports related events.

            Key world events of the decade.

            The Vietnam War.


Each of the above pages should contain at least 3 different pieces of content. The more the better.


The appearance of your site depends upon your taste and creative style. Tripod offers a variety of styles and add-ons. Remember, the content of your site must be school appropriate (language and pictures). If in doubt, check with Mr.Breske.


Grading criteria


All projects will be evaluated through the attached rubric.

The project will be worth a total of 300 points which will be a part of your first 6 weeks grade.


Due  -   Tuesday February 21