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Print a copy of this page and questions. Research the correct answers to each question. Bring the page to class on tuesday and you will be allowed to use your coreect answers.
1.  Critics charged that Reagn's conservative policies led to
     A. a liberal Supreme Court.
     B. a larger gap between rich and poor.
     C. an expansion of government regulations.
     D. an advancement of homosexual rights.
2.  The Moral Majority wanted to restore to society what they saw as
     A. vital social programs.
     B. blue collar customs.
     C. traditional property rights.
     D. Christian values.
3.  In the area of civil rights, President Reagan worked to
     A. extend the Voting Rights Act.
     B. establish a civil rights commission.
     C. end affirmative action programs.
     D. appoint federal judges sympathetic to civil rights.
4.  In the 1980's, the campaign for homosexual rights
     A. made steady progress.
     B. faced growing resistance.
     C. finally triumphed.
     D. received government support.
5.  Bush's nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court  
     A. ended in failure.
     B. was critisized by conservatives.
     C. led to public debate about the Supreme Court.
     D. angered many moderates and liberals.
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